OK Go Doggone Music Video

FRESNO, Calif.

Who cares about "sit" and "stay" when you're a dog that gets to play in a music video.

The band is "OK Go" and they go to the dogs in one continuous take, using a dozen mostly shelter dogs in their video called "white knuckles."

Oh sure there were plenty of mistakes. It took 124 takes, though they wound up using take 72. The band says the dozen dogs loved it.

"You could see "yes I've done my job" it was so so fun," Damian Kulash said.

OK Go is known for its complex one-continuous-take videos, like the one featuring a Rube Goldberg-like contraption big enough to fill an entire warehouse but that was engineering, this required training each dog had its own trainer giving it cues.

"We were wondering what had the dogs so focused, looking like they were at the US open. The answer, tennis ball with cheese on top," Jeanne Moos said.

"By the way, the brown dog on the right, that's my dog Bunny."

The doggie choreography featured everything from leaps to shelves, note the band member feeding riot the dog a treat. A couple of dogs walked the planks.

"How did Tin Tin the Chihuahua and the rest of the gang react to ok go's music, basically dancing to a click. It was a metronome with vocals over it so we knew where we were in the song."

It took 6 weeks spread over a year to train the dogs, train the people and get one continuous great take. Did we mention ranger the goat, "you don't potty train a goat. No you don't potty train a goat."

The video ends with a pyramid that the band calls a 'dogamid." that was the hardest part with the dogs getting commands to go up and down in unison.

"I think it's pure luck that he's barking to the beat," Tim Nordwind said.

But the bandleader's favorite part is called "popcorn" featuring spike, the latest pop star.

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