8-year-old killed by red light runner

FRESNO, Calif.

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An 8-year-old boy died Sunday night when a woman ran a red light and crashed into his family's car at the busy intersection of Champlain and Shepherd.

Jason Cuellar was sitting in the back seat, right where a Ford Bronco hit his family. His twin brother survived, along with their father and mother.

The other driver has not been charged with a crime yet, or even ticketed, and she may actually know the Cuellar family.

The passenger side doors are gone from the Honda Civic, cut off the car so firefighters could get to accident victims inside.

The Cuellar family can replace the doors, but their son is gone forever, killed on impact from a ford bronco that ran a red light.

Christopher Cuellar talked about his family's loss on his wife's Facebook account Monday morning. "Our eight-year-old son Jason was killed and is now in heaven," he wrote.

Cuellar went on to ask friends for love and support for the survivors, including his wife, who was also on the passenger side and suffered major injuries.

"The mother was stuck in the car for quite some time," said Sheila Brookshire, who witnessed the accident. "They did finally get her out and took her to the hospital as well. It was just horrible. This was a horrible scene."

Friends are sending their prayers on Facebook and students at Freedom Elementary School in Clovis are also sending well wishes.

Jason was a third grader there and along with his twin brother, Justin, they were well-known and well-liked.

Justin and his father stopped by school for a little while Monday as counselors helped classmates deal with the grief.

That grief is also being felt at St. Agnes Hospital. Karen Cuellar became a patient there Sunday night, but she also works at the hospital, where one of her co-workers is the 42-year-old woman who crashed into her family's car.

Police say the woman appears to have made an honest mistake when she ran the red light.

"Our investigation so far indicates there's no excessive speed involved, no alcohol involved," said Fresno police Lt. Tony Bennink. "We have no indications that anyone was texting or on the phone."

The investigation could last about a month before police decide whether to pursue charges.

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