Medical marijuana stolen in Porterville home invasion


The homeowner did not want to talk on camera but tells Action News the two of them were bound and tied in the bathroom while the suspects got away with some items.

"Three pounds of medicinal marijuana. Two marijuana plants. Two televisions and a wallet." said Sgt. Chris Douglass of the Tulare County Sheriff's Office.

Fortunately no one was hurt. This is the second time in as many weeks a violent crime has involved a medical marijuana grow in Tulare County.

Back on September 14th deputies say one of four suspects who tried to rob a medical marijuana grow near Lindsay was shot. The teen died a few days later.

Sheriff's deputies are not linking these two crimes but say recent rules set by the board of supervisors and the code compliance department is supposed to prevent violence like this from happening again.

"Because they set these guidelines to purposely help people who are trying to grow medicinal marijuana. That's why it's stated to have them indoors and those sorts of things. It's really there to protect those people who have those particular types of sites." said Sgt. Douglass.

The homeowner tells Action News he doesn't think he was targeted because he grew medical marijuana. Meanwhile investigators are looking into whether he had the pot legally in the first place.

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