Visalia church volunteers accused of child molestation


The suspects and the victim's family were close friends. The victim's family says the crime happened five years ago on the one occasion they let Terry - or as friends call him- Lee Schneider and his wife Nicole babysit their little girl. The reason they're being charged now is because a friends only discovered a videotape of the crime this past week.

The family of suspects Lee and Nicole Schneider were seen hugging the victim's family outside the federal courthouse in Downtown Fresno. The couple is facing child pornography charges stemming from a 2005 incident when they babysat a friend's daughter. Wednesday a judge denied bail for the Schneiders.

Victim's uncle, James Smith said, "We're glad he didn't get released so, that was the main thing, so pretty much so, we are just gonna wait and see where the judicial system ends up and hopefully he gets what he deserves."

The federal complaint against Lee and Nicole Schneider says that last week, the wife of an associate pastor at the Visalia Nazarene Church found a camcorder in her house she didn't recognize. The Schneiders used to live in that home. When she played back the video on the camcorder, Kristi Spaite told investigators she saw the Schneiders molesting a two-year-old girl.

Pastor Will Hobbs said, "The tape was turned in to the FBI as soon as it was found."

Executive Pastor Will Hobbs says the Schneiders were active members of the Nazarene Church, often volunteering their time with homeless ministries. Hobbs was shocked to hear of the allegations against them.

"Obviously we were deeply disappointed and we were saddened and dumbstruck." Hobbs said.

The family of the victim is upset they just found out about the suspected assault on the little girl. They say they feel sickened by the charges.

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