Fresno Police search for Hit and Run Suspect

FRESNO, Calif.

Investigators say a man in a truck forced Sgt. Lincoln McKenna's motorcycle off the road. His bike hit a curb and he suffered a serious leg injury.

Sergeant Lincoln McKenna was promoted to sergeant earlier this month. A helicopter rushed the married father of three to a Bay Area hospital where doctors tried unsuccessfully to reattach his severed leg. As he begins his recovery, Fresno Police are still searching for the truck involved in the hit and run.

"He's a man of few words anyway. And I just told him hey we're thinking about him, we're praying for him and he said please do and we are." said CHP officer Matt Radke.

Officer Matt Radke of the California Highway Patrol describes the conversation he had with his friend sergeant Lincoln McKenna right before he was flown to a Bay Area hospital for treatment Tuesday night.

Investigators say a truck hit him and forced his motorcycle off the road on Herndon near Palm Avenue. McKenna hit this pole and severed his leg after witnesses say he struck the curb.

"Just the motorcycle looked like it pinched him up against that pole maybe, his leg got pinched up on the pole. I think that's what caused the severe injury." said witness Richard Dillon.

Dillon works at a nearby car dealership. He was one of the many people who rushed to McKenna's aid.

"Just praying for him. Hope he's okay. I don't know if they're going to be able to reattach the leg or not so I was concerned for his well being." said Dillon.

The eight-year veteran served as support staff at this CHP office in Fresno. His fellow officers are lending their support to the family until he can recover from his injury. Radke characterizes McKenna as a level headed and easy going guy who was thrilled about his recent promotion to sergeant.

"We're very happy for him. He's been waiting for a while to get that promotion. It's well deserved and he's going to be missed until he gets back. Because we all know he'll be back. He's one of those guys that will work hard and recover and be back here in no time." said officer Radke.

Investigators are looking for a silver Toyota Tundra four-door pick up. Anyone with information on the hit and run is urged to contact the Fresno Police Department.

Sergeant McKenna is expected to be in the hospital for at least the next two weeks.

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