Man killed outside SW Fresno church leaves message

FRESNO, Calif.

Action News discovered a handwritten paper left at the scene where the 21-year-old was shot Wednesday afternoon. The victim's grandmother confirmed it was her grandson's homework.

In the paper, Newsome also writes, "It feels awesome knowing you can do something in life and aiming for a goal to accomplish."

Newsome attended classes at the Economic Opportunities Commission location in Southwest Fresno. He praised the program in his homework for helping him reach his goals. Family members say the victim would've earned his diploma this December.

Pastor Shane Scott says Newsome was a member of the Saint Rest Baptist Church. He was murdered in front of the church Wednesday.

"My initial reaction was wow. It's at the doorstep of the church. Which becomes both a spiritual problem and a sociological problem that I think we have to respond to." Pastor Shane Scott said.

Thursday morning Fresno Police detectives returned to the crime scene. Chief Jerry Dyer says homicide investigators are making good progress and following up on solid leads.

"We've recovered guns last night, we've detained some individuals, questioned them, individuals that we believe are either involved, directly involved in the shooting or involved in the gang that was responsible for the shooting." Chief Dyer said.

Police say the murder is the first gang related homicide in three months. The chief says the newly formed violent crime impact team is stopping violence and retaliation by focusing on the most influential, violent and active gang members on the street.

Church leaders are planning to have a town hall meeting next Monday at the Saint Rest Baptist Church to discuss violence in their neighborhood. That gathering is set for October 4th from 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening.

The neighborhood is invited to attend and share ideas about what suggestions would help to end the problems and make the area safe for everyone.

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