Police: 6 suspects arrested responsible for 17 burglaries in Visalia

FRESNO, Calif.

Police say the suspects had a number of stolen items on them including money, lottery tickets and a cash register. Saturday night, the six suspects were caught miles apart, but it was that evidence that linked them to each other and a series of recent crimes.

Now, investigators believe the six suspects may be part of a larger group responsible for a crime spree including 17 commercial burglaries at a variety of Visalia area businesses all within the past month.

"You know, I hadn't heard about that so it is kinda surprising to me because I didn't realize there was that many happening."

Natalie Robbins works at the Victorian Market on Tulare and Bridge. Two of the men were arrested minutes after they smashed a window at the store and stole some items.

But, the arrests did not end there. The investigation at the store led to the four other men who police say had just beaten up and car jacked two juveniles in the area of Akers and Hurley.

Police say all six suspects are working together and more arrests are looming.

"We believe there are more people involved in this then what we have in custody."

Prior to Saturday, police had reason to believe a recent string of burglaries were related. In most of the cases suspects used the smash and grab tactic.

Surveillance footage captured last Sunday shows two young men throwing a rock through the window of a Mexican restaurant, and then taking off with the cash register. Police are still looking over surveillance footage from other places to help put a complete stop to the spree.

It's a relief for José Melgoza who owns the Mexican restaurant that the suspects recently broke into.

"It's an unfortunate thing that kids succumbed to this situation. They've got nothing better to do you know, so this is what they decide to do."

Police believe the suspects have been selling the stolen property online. In addition to the burglaries investigators say the men are also responsible for a number of shoplifting incidents in Visalia.

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