Bulldogs set for transition to Hawaii

Fresno, CA

"We did play the option very well, the triple option," Coach Hill said. "I was proud of the way our guys performed. That's always a tough game to get ready for."

But Coach Hill knows his squad will have to step up its game dramatically in all three phases, if they want to compete with Hawaii's spread option attack Saturday night at Bulldog Stadium.

"Getting ourselves ready to play against a team that throws it as much as they do will just be a shift in gears," said Coach Hill. "We go from stopping the fullback and the quarterback and the pitch to stopping different options and combinations of routs with the University of Hawaii. Which will be great challenge for us."

The Warriors are led by former Fresno City College star Bryant Moniz, who threw for 532 yards and four touchdowns in Hawaii's home win over Louisiana Tech. Hill says stopping Moniz is a must if the Bulldogs want to get to 4-1.

"We've got to rev up the pass rush," said Coach Hill. "We've got to do a great job in the secondary, making sure that we match up and play well in the secondary, and understand the routes and understand what they're trying to do to us, the adjustments that we have to make during the course of the game. But the pass rush is going to be important."

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