Man dies after being shot by Fresno Police

FRESNO, Calif.

A neighbor across the street told Action News it sounded like fireworks. "All you heard was a big boom. At that point, nobody really knew it was him with a gun. It sounded like fireworks, but it wasn't," said Jessica Vela.

Fresno Police believe those shots came from the home's backyard. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said as officers approached a home on foot, the man came out of the house holding a shotgun. Officers told the man to put down the weapon, but as they got closer, he reportedly pointed it at them. "We definitely know based on witness statements and the initial officer statements that the suspect lowered the gun at the officers as they approached, we do not know if there were rounds fired at the officers. We do not know if rounds were fired as the officers approached," said Dyer.

The man was taken to the hospital by ambulance, where he died of his injuries. Dyer said investigators are still trying to determine how many shots officers fired, but a total of eight officers fired their weapons. They are all on paid administrative leave while the investigation continues.

Dyer said the motive for the shooting is still unclear. The suspect hasn't been identified.

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