Rescuer of abducted Fresno girl honored

FRESNO, Calif.

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The Governor said, "I've played many action hero's in my movies, but this guy is a truce action hero. Let's give him a hand, a big hand of applause."

Schwarzenegger presented Perez with a state award, recognizing his heroism, and Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin followed with a special recognition. "We do hereby proclaim that today, October 7, 2010 is Victor Perez Day in the city of Fresno."

Perez was happy, but humbled by the attention. "I just want to give thanks to God and everybody that came out today and supported this event and most of all give thanks to the family. That their baby is back together with the Mom. That's the real hero to me. The daughter and the Mom being back together."

We went by the girl's family's apartment, and discovered some friends coming by to help. They told us the family is poor, and basically has nothing.

Patricia Cardenas, the girl's mother told us she was grateful friends, and even some strangers brought them groceries. She acknowledged the family was having hard times. Her husband has been unemployed since the landscaping company he worked for went out of business. The family doesn't have a car and Fresno Police have been driving them to the girl's therapy sessions.

Victor's heroism has brought him job offers, and financial donations. Which he greatly appreciates. But, while visiting the fair with his family he told us he hopes the community reaches out to the girl and her family too. "Hopefully they get some help and if not, I'm going to help them."

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