Fresno man who was shot by police was stabbed to death

FRESNO, Calif.

25-year-old Hector Orozco Junior died after he was stabbed on Huntington Avenue near Clovis Avenue. Just two weeks ago, Orozco was shot twice by Fresno Police during a confrontation with officers in the area of Cedar and Home.

A small memorial marks the place where Hector Orozco was fatally stabbed Thursday night. Witnesses say he stumbled a short distance to get help before he collapsed.

Neighbors say the victim has had a string of bad luck lately but was a good friend, who respected others and always made them laugh.

"He was a nice dude. He never took anything from everybody or nothing he always spoke to everybody in the neighborhood, you know and just always been a good friend," said Marvin Ware.

"I wish I could've been here when it happened, you know. So if I could've changed anything before it happened, I would've. But it's just the way life goes," said Sergio Beasley.

Fresno Police say the suspect and victim got into a confrontation in front of the Sierra Vista Apartments just before 10 p.m. Thursday night.

"What we have so far is they got into an argument and they got into a fight -- suspect Dean Medine and our victim got into a fight. During the fight, suspect Medine some type of an edged weapon and stabbed our victim," said Mark Salazar with the Fresno Police Department.

Orozco was shot by Fresno Police late last month in Central Fresno after he was riding his bike near Cedar and Olive. Police say an officer tried to stop him but Orozco pedaled off and eventually ran into the bushes. He was shot when the officer said it looked like he was reaching for a weapon.

Friday morning, Fresno Police tracked down the suspect, Dean Medellin and arrested him for Orozco's murder.

Police say Medellin lives in the area where the murder took place, but tried to hide out at another complex, before he was found and taken into custody by the violent crime impact team.

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