Suspect in Kidnap of Fresno Girl Pleads Not Guilty

FRESNO, Calif.

His attorney, Public Defender Jim Lambe says if convicted Gonzalez could face more time in prison than a murderer.

"Unlike all of the people I represent who are charged with murder who are facing a sentence of life with the possibility of parole..." Lambe added, "It's my understanding that he's facing the possibility of life without the possibility of parole."

Gonzalez is accused of abducting the girl from the front yard of her home on Monday night and assaulting her overnight. He returned with the child to her neighborhood Tuesday morning where his pickup was spotted by Victor Perez.

Perez became a national hero when he drove after Gonzalez, ran him off the road and rescued the girl when she was pushed out of the suspect's truck. Highway Patrol Dustin Dimmer saw Gonzalez pickup and captured Gonzalez a short time later.

We asked Lambe if all the attention this case has received will make it difficult for him to defend Gonzalez in court.

"The fact is the vast majority of cases are never tried. Most cases -- and I don't mean to imply this case is one of those -- most cases are resolved with a settlement. A person pleads guilty to something."

Gonzalez is being held without bail in the Fresno County Jail. His alleged victim and her family have been receiving counseling and assistance at the Resource Center for Victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, or, RSC.

Director Shirley Sanchez told us; "We've made an effort along with the police department to support this family in every way."

The family's needs include food, transportation and better housing. The Resource Center has been accepting donations for the family, from concerned citizens. Director Shirley Sanchez says while this case is unique, the Resource Center serves about 800 victims of rape and domestic violence every year.

"This is a high profile case but we have a lot of cases that are really heart rending and heart breaking."

The judge didn't allow us to show Gregory Gonzalez on camera.

The resource center for survivors of sexual assault is accepting donations for the family of the young victim. The center is located at 259 North Blackstone in Fresno. The phone number is 559-497-2900

An account has also been set up at the Educational Employees Credit Union for the Cardenas family. You can donate at any branch.

The account number is 117-234-50.

You can also send a donation to Post Office Box 5242, Fresno, CA 93755

An Educational Employees Credit Union account has also been set up for Victor Perez.

That account number is 117-233-15.

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