Victor Perez gets Hero's welcome at Bulldog Stadium

FRESNO, Calif.

Last week, Victor Perez was just a regular guy working hard to support his family. Now, virtually everyone in the Valley knows him as the hero who rescued an 8-year-old Fresno girl from her kidnapper.

Heather Walkingstick of Clovis said, "He did a great thing and in this day in age it's good to see people step up and help other people."

Jill Peterson of Clovis said, "I'm really proud of him. I think the community should be proud of him."

Fresno State Athletics invited Victor to Saturday's football game. They provided him and his entire family Bulldog gear, and gave them a grand tour of the stadium.

People applauded him along the way. But, perhaps the most touching moment came at half time.

Alongside Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, and other Fresno State officials, Victor was honored on the field. 40-thousand-people gave him a standing ovation.

Victor Perez said, "Wow. Awesome feeling, I hope my kids can remember this forever"

It was a touching moment for Victor ... and his family who says, he's been their hero all along.

Victor's son said, "A lot of fans at the place. I feel happy for him."

Reporter: "Do you think your dad is a hero?"

"Yes I do. A local hero," said Victor's son.

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