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Most of those farmers survive on what they raise on an acre or two of land. There are an estimated 1-billion of them struggling with poverty and hunger worldwide.

Howard Buffett has a foundation that runs research farms in Illinois and South Africa. He says there is no quick way to solve hunger. He says techniques that work on U.S. farms won't always work in developing countries and more research is needed to see what will work.

A big drop in both the corn yield and production estimates in October's crop report caught the industry by surprise

The U.S.D.A. forecasts corn production at 12.664-billion bushels. That's lower than last year's record 13.11 billion bushel crop.

Ag experts blame the drop on adverse weather in the big corn states of Illinois, Iowa and Indiana. The smaller-than-expected corn crop prompted the U.S.D.A. to forecast a market year average cash price of around $5 per bushel -- up 60-cents from last month's price forecast.

Experts say corn producers will welcome the higher price, but livestock and dairy producers will have to pay more for livestock feed.

California pistachios are coming out of their shells.

You'll likely be seeing more advertisements and promotions for pistachios in the future, as farmers and marketers gear up to sell larger crops.

Pistachio trees planted the last few years are reaching crop-bearing age, and most will come into full production within the next seven years. Pistachio marketers say they'll be promoting the nuts to American consumers, and add that they also expect to increase exports to nations such as China and India.

Members of the Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce announced some big winners in agriculture at the Big Fresno Fair.

Marvin Meyers was chosen as the 2010 agriculturalist of the year. He's an almond farmer in Firebaugh.

The Fresno Equipment Company was selected as the winner of the Ag Business Award.

Applicants are chosen for their commitment to the Fresno County ag community. This year's recipients will be honored at the chamber's Ag Awards Lunch next month.

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