Nearly two dozen cats seized from Fresno woman

FRESNO, Calif.

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Action News was there Tuesday afternoon when the S.P.C.A removed more than dozen cats from this property in Kerman. Ten other cats were taken from the woman's home in Fresno on Monday -- two of those animals were dead.

Blaine Freeman says his 63-year-old aunt has been taking in strays for years. "I believe in her mindset she thinks she's doing right by them, but she's not. Wild animal or not, they don't deserve to live like this."

Freeman says his aunt was diagnosed as bi-polar, but refuses to take her medication. She was recently taken into custody when authorities say she threatened her mother with a knife.

Meantime, S.P.C.A officers say many of the animals kept in these five sheds in Kerman were healthy -- but several were suffering from disease and malnourishment.

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