Madera teen is on a crusade to stop bullying

MADERA, Calif.

13-year-old Marco Melgoza was out in front of Desmond Middle School bright and early. He and his father, Jerry Watson, marched back and forth on the sidewalk with signs that read "stop bullying" and "bullying is a weapon." Each time a car would stop with the window down ... Marco delivered a message.

Marco told a passerby: "It's very serious. I just want to let parents and guardians know they need to talk to their child about this ... it's a very serious matter."

Marco says he's been bullied since the school year began. Mostly verbal assaults, but once he was pushed down and hit his head.

Marco said, "It makes me upset ... not that upset to where I want to kill myself ... but upset to where I want to make a difference to help people who are getting bullied and keeping quiet and to the people who are the bulliers."

The Madera Unified School District says it has addressed the specific problem with those who have bullied Marco ... but it does have programs in place that deal with character education and bullying.

Jake Bragonier of the Madera Unified School District said, "At that particular site ... you have the staff administration working with our special services department in collaboration actually with the students at the site to do anti-bullying presentations."

Marco says he's not the only victim at his school, and presentations aren't enough. He says parents need to get involved.

Marco adds, "I was just letting them know that they need to ask their child if they're getting bullied and if they are ... they need to speak out." Marco's parents are in full support of his actions.

Marco's Dad, Jerry Watson, said, "I'm glad that he's my son standing up for himself ... and hopefully we can make a difference for a young lady or a young person that can't stand up for themselves."

Marco has no plans to change schools ... in fact ... he plans to continue his crusade on campus Thursday and every day until the bullying stops.

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