De Angelo's in Merced found temporary location after fire

MERCED, California

De Angelo's Italian restaurant is temporarily moving into the former "Eagle's Nest restaurant" on Child's Avenue and Parsons, near Highway 99.

People who live in Merced will tell you De Angelo's is much more than just a restaurant, it's really a treasured part of the community. And now it's set to re-open in a new location in less than a month.

An extreme makeover is underway inside the former Eagle's Nest restaurant, which has been vacant for two years.

Owner's son, Tony De Angelo said, "I've been here every day with my dad and all the rest of the co-workers, we've been building this place up, we updated it, renovated it. It's all modern decor in here. We're all really excited to showcase our new place."

The new De Angelo's location offers a large dining room, along with a bistro and bar area, three different banquet rooms, and two areas for outdoor seating.

Vinnie De Angelo says finding this space was a miracle. "We're very lucky to be here, very very lucky. I am super happy to be able to employ 30 people that I had to unemploy two months ago."

Those 30 people lost their jobs when an electrical fire destroyed the inside of De Anglo's restaurant in Downtown Merced.

Kerry Brooke had worked at the main street restaurant since it opened in 1995. Vinnie helped her and other employees financially, but she says the loss also took an emotional toll.

"I was really stressed out and really upset," said Brooke. "I didn't see a light at the end of the tunnel, but now that light is shining."

The re-opening of De Angelo's is also great news for the countless customers who called and emailed Vinnie after the fire offering to help in any way they could. "After 15 years in a community like Merced, which is a very tight knit community, you are part of that community. You are a staple, and anchor, an oak tree in that community."

The restaurant will open on November 5th. Vinnie plans to eventually re-open downtown.

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