Teen held in fatal stabbing near a Fresno Big Lots store

FRESNO, Calif.

Detectives say the suspect has been arrested before, as both a 15-year-old and a 19-year-old. They are working to find his true name and age at this time. Regardless, investigators say he is responsible for stabbing Ramos to death after a brief early morning scuffle.

Family members of 32-year-old Marcella Ramos were surprised Friday to hear a teenager the victim never knew, is in custody for her murder.

Victoria Cervantes said, "We're just in shock right now that it happened and like that and the person that did it. We're in shock right now and it seems so unreal. Can't believe it that she's gone."

Thursday morning Ramos was found seriously hurt on the sidewalk near Kings Canyon and Winery. She was conscious and able to speak briefly before she died from stab wounds.

Officers tracked down the suspect hours later, not far from the murder scene. They say he still had some of the victim's belongings with him. They also found a very valuable piece of evidence.

Fresno Police Captain, Dennis Bridges said, "He still had what detectives believe is the murder weapon, a knife, in his possession when he was arrested."

Investigators say the suspect has a violent criminal past and was wanted for a probation violation. They believe he is a Mexican national who is lying about his identity.

"at this time we have one record where he would be 15 right now and one at 19. So there's documentation for both, to substantiate both. So there's some phony documents involved but obviously he's in custody and we'll figure out where to put him appropriately."

Family members are puzzled as to why Ramos was targeted. Although she struggled with drug abuse, investigators do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved in the deadly confrontation.

Ramos is survived by four children. As for the suspect, officers believe he acted alone. Since Kings Canyon is well traveled, investigators are also looking for anymore witnesses who may have seen the attack.

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