Fair livestock pavilion buzzes with activity

FRESNO, Calif.

Months of hard work are about to pay off for those who have cared for animals which go up for auction on Saturday. The lessons learned will last a lifetime.

The livestock pavilion at the Big Fresno Fair had the feel of a beauty pageant. Some of the pigs tried to hog all the attention. But the judges were very focused looking over the animals cared for by members of the 4-h club and Future Farmers of America.

Livestock Superintendent Carolee Boele explained, "They're looking for meat and muscle, period and in every single species it's all about meat and muscle and the high-priced cut."

"Moe" wanted everyone to know he was the best lamb in the show. Macy Perry was a proud handler. The Clovis East freshman said, "He actually got supreme champion and it was really exciting and it was really fun out there."

The kids are also judged on showmanship. The top livestock get rewarded with ribbons. But the beef, lamb and swine here are all destined to become part of the food chain. Saturday's auction is always tough on the kids.

Clovis East sophomore Courtney Fund admitted, "Yeah I get really attached to my animals each year and it'll be a hard process."

Courtney figures her steer "Yogi" will fetch over two-thousand dollars.

Boele added, "Intellectually we know that these are market animals and their purpose is to be processed."

Not only do these young people learn responsibility, they're also saving up for their future.

Fund said, "Most of it is going to college but I would really like to get another one and continue to show steers." Fund wants to study political science at Purdue.

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