The last day of the Big Fresno Fair

FRESNO, Calif.

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Fair officials believe attendance will be up when they conduct the final tally later this week.

We spoke with several vendors who are happy say they're cashing in.

A balloon parrot is Dennis Forel's signature show closing creation. He makes his living performing at fairs all over California.

"There are some that haven't had me back because they've been tough. A few fairs have actually had to shorten their fair dates and things like that," said Forel.

Forel says the twelve day big Fresno Fair is one of the longest. Every day he is on stage he gets paid.

Sunday's questionable weather could have shortened the days schedule but conditions cleared. Forel and other vendors we able to capitalize on the final day.

"We haven't raised our prices for a couple of years. Because with the economy we are trying to keep it to where people can still afford it," said vendor James Hazelrigg.

Hazelrigg served up 14,000 sandwiches stuffed with ground beef, cabbage and onions. They're called beerocks and sell for $5.50.

Despite positive sales throughout the fair sleek, Sleek Greek owner Michael Bliss has noticed customers holding back at his food stand.

"If I can stay, even in these times that's good for me. We do whatever we can to stay up you know," said Bliss.

Fair CEO John Alkire is optimistic about the revenue generated by the fair. "I'm feeling pretty good going into the last day. We're up in our attendance right now. We look very strong in our concessions, maybe double digit up there."

Another vendor was focused at capturing children's attention. The Aquarius Aquarium Institute of Fresno is trying to promote the efforts to bring an aquarium to Northwest Fresno.

"We're really able to see a lot of people in a short amount of time and they're able to see our sea creatures and touch them and enjoy them and see a little preview of what's going to be at the Fresno aquarium," said Tom Lang.

That aquarium project hopes to break ground sometime in December. Fair officials say they should have their final attendance count by Tuesday.

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