Congressional candidates raise $2 million on Valley race

FRESNO, California

Third quarter reports filed Friday show Congressman Costa has raised about $1.3 million dollars while Vidak has raised just over a half a million.

Nearly $683,000 of Costa's funds has come from individuals. About $610,000 thousand has come from Political Action Committees and other sources.

Vidak has raised about $564,000, all but about $10, 000 from individuals. Vidak said the report shows the district is behind his grassroots effort. "It's not about the party this time, so much as it is the whole district. Republicans, Democrats and Independents are all suffering in the 20th district, and they all want change," said Vidak.

Costa said about half of his money has come from Republican donors. "I've raised more money from individuals than he has. I've just raised a lot more money because people believe in the job Jim Costa does," said Costa.

But ABC 30 Political Analyst Tony Capozzi said the campaign finance reports really don't paint an accurate picture of what's being spent on this race. "All independent expenditures are filed with the Federal Elections Commission separately from individual reports ... so what we're seeing here is really misleading," said Capozzi.

Vidak recently got $85,000 dollars from the National Republican Congressional Committee, an outside source that isn't regulated by the Federal Elections Commission.

The most recent Action News poll conducted by Survey USA last month showed Costa with only a two point lead over Andy Vidak. Vidak said his campaign's polls show similar results, but Costa said his have shown a double digit lead since late August.

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