Dogs' offense frustration starts with fans ends with players

Fresno, CA

"Well there's no question," said Bulldogs Quarterback Ryan Colburn. "We scored what three points in the second half? I'd have been frustrated too if I was watching that. I was frustrated. The only thing we can do now is come out and get ready for this week. That game's over with."

"I think in the first half we came out ready to go," said Bulldogs Offensive Coordinator Jeff Grady. "And maybe we just got comfortable with our lead and didn't fire out in the second half like we wanted to."

And at least one offensive star was torn between playing smart with a big lead, and wanting to add to it with big plays.

"If we're winning the game by running the ball and maintaining clock and eating up clock then we're all fine with that," said Bulldogs Wide Receiver Jamel Hamler. "It's kind of frustrating on the one side being a competitor but the good side is that we're winning the game, controlling the clock and controlling the ball."

That being said, Hamler says putting together two solid halves of football is priority one coming into Saturday's WAC matchup at San Jose State. And the second half of the New Mexico State game will be used as motivation.

"We weren't happy or satisfied with our second half because we felt that we could have put up another 30," said Hamler. "We felt that we could have given the fans and the Red Wave something more to see. We'll take the win no question. But just going to try to work on putting out foot on the pedal and keep scoring points."

"Our goal this week is definitely to score every time we touch the ball," said Colburn, "and we're just going to take that approach."

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