Spirit Day: Taking a stand against bullying

FRESNO, Calif.

Dozens participated in a candlelight vigil which lasted two hours. Spirit Day was designated by GLAAD to honor Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual and Transgender teenagers who have recently committed suicide after being bullied, some even online. It's getting a lot of local support but some here are taking things one step further.

With a candle in each hand -- more than 30 people marched around the intersection of Shaw and Blackstone in north Fresno to celebrate Spirit Day. Local organizers say their support is not geared toward one specific group.

"We're here to let them know there's a community that cares. This isn't just for gay kids, this isn't just for straight kids. It's for everybody. It's for everyone who's bullied." said Brandon Jackson.

Spirit Day honors the teenagers who have taken their own lives in recent weeks. The event follows a string of high profile suicides including Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi, and Buchanan graduate Chloe Lacey - who committed suicide shortly after she started living as a transgender woman.

Brandon Jackson is part of a local equality rights group called Transemotion. He recently met Chloe's mother while the two participated in a radio interview together. Jackson says he was supposed see Chloe just days before she took her own life.

"I was in Humboldt the weekend she came to Fresno which is where she was studying. So I actually never got to meet her. But it was a plan for us to meet up for us to talk. To get resources in Fresno for her." added Jackson.

Just about everyone wore purple Wednesday night, a color that symbolizes their unity. Some were more candid than others. Lorraine beam has a message for people who advocate bullying.

"We're sick of it. Get over yourselves and start loving the way that god and Jesus meant for us to have." said Beam.

Some people are showing their support in different ways. Millions are turning to Facebook to express their support by putting up profile pictures of them in purple.

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