Fresno man on life support after an assault

FRESNO, Calif.

Fernando Jacobson was found in the street unconscious just before 4:00 a.m., near 41 and Jensen in South Fresno.

Family members told Action News 55-year-old Fernando Jacobson is on life support Thursday night. Police are trying to find out what happened to him before they got a call about a man lying in the street with major trauma.

Oscar Dominguez says he hung out with Fernando Jacobson just Wednesday night. He says they drank beer and socialized until he went inside to go to sleep.

Hours later, Jacobson was found critically hurt, several doors away from his friend's home. Police found him assaulted and lying helpless in the middle of the street.

Dominguez adds, "I was in shock, like dang that's messed up that somebody's going to come out here and do that. I feel bad and sad you know."

Neighbors say the victim's car was found a short distance away with a window broken out. Police say they are tracing back the victim's final hours as they work to develop leads.

"Right now, we have detectives from our street violence section handling the case looking into the nexis between our victim and that neighborhood and we believe there is a nexis between our victim and the neighborhood," said Lt. Mark Salazar. "We have also recovered some physical evidence from there. Not going to say what yet."

Friends say Jacobson worked off and on as a farm laborer and had recently become homeless.

Dominguez says the victim liked listening to Spanish music and barbecuing with him. "He ain't violent or nothing. He's just a nice old man, you know. A sweet guy."

Police have been interviewing people who live in the neighborhood where Jacobson was found. They are also looking for any witnesses who may have seen the victim after 9:00 Wednesday night.

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