Woodville man guilty in crash involving 11-year-old boy

FRESNO, Calif.

Froylan Zamora was sentenced to two years in county jail for misdemeanor child endangerment and vehicular manslaughter charges.

Zamora let his girlfriend's 11-year-old son drive his car back in January with the boy's younger sister and mother in the car. The boy crashed into a truck, killing everyone except Zamora.

Froylan Zamora sat silently as a judge sentenced him to two years in county jail for letting his girlfriend's 11-year-old son Jose Silva, drive his car back from soccer practice back in January.

Silva ran a stop sign at Avenue 168 and Road 152 in Woodville and crashed into a truck. The impact seriously injured Zamora ... but killed Jose, his 6-year-old sister Elizabeth and mother Maria Covarrubias.

In court, prosecutors pleaded with the judge to give Zamora the maximum sentence for the crime.

Janet Wise said, "I cannot think of a more serious misdemeanor ... case ... than this one. Three people are dead."

Prosecutors initially charged Zamora with felony counts of vehicular manslaughter and child endangerment. If convicted of those felonies he would likely serve several years in state prison. However, the jury found Zamora guilty on the misdemeanor versions of the charges, which means he will only serve his time in county jail.

Assistant District Attorney, Don Gallian adds, "It's through his actions that three people lost their lives a mother and two children one of the children was 6-years-old the other was 11-years-old and that will be something he will have to live with for the rest of his life regardless of how much time he does in custody."

Gallian says there was only one family member who was not in the car that fateful night. Covarrubias' other son -- who testified in court that Zamora would also let him drive Zamora's car.

"He was not in the car that night the other two children had soccer practice that day he did not so he stayed home and that's what saved his life," said Gallian.

Froylan Zamora is not a U.S. Citizen so following his time in jail, he will be deported back to Mexico.

The 13-year-old boy who was not in the car that night with the rest of his family-is now living with his father in Mexico

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