Halloween costumes straight out of the headlines

FRESNO, Calif.

"What's the weirdest thing people have asked you for?"

"A bedbug costume."

But despite all those reports of bedbug infestations you can be a roach. You can be a fly. But no bedbugs.

"So you have a whole Gaga section?"

A section featuring Lady Gaga wigs and licensed outfits, like the one she wore in Pokerface. But if you're wondering "where's the beef?"...forget it. Gaga wore her famous meat dress just last month, which didn't leave enough time for manufactures to whip up a meat costume.

Here at Halloween Adventure, there's a twist on the usual politician and celebrity masks, they're zombies. Zombie Obama, Zombie Palin, Zombie Tiger Woods.

"He's even got a bruise someone hit him with a golf club ohhhhhhh."

Now Delaware Senate Candidate Christine O'Donnell is too new to the national stage to have her own mask, but she joked on Good Morning America about her plans for Halloween.

"I certainly am not gonna be a witch."

"So I was thinking about just going as Dorothy." "Kill the witch."

But you can't kill the Jersey Shore. Snookie and the Situation are big this Halloween. "This is the Situation right here."

Though this Situation t-shirt with abs drawn onto it is beyond lame, don't even think of shoplifting your outfit. The 18-year-old wearing this costume got caught swiping some fangs at a Halloween Express in Virginia. As punishment, he had to spend 6 hours as Bert from Sesame Street. "I think it's actually a good deal."

You could be the Burger King or someone from Avatar or even a Chilean miner but if you really want something offbeat ripped out of the headlines.

"Most wanted costume 2010 huh yes."

Antoine Dodson made the news in Alabama after he scared off an intruder who climbed in a window and attacked his sister while she slept. "He's climbing in your windows. He's snatching your people up. So hide your kids. Hide your wife. Hide your husband."

His passionate rant on the local news ended up auto tuned. "Hide your kids, hide your wife."

Well now Antoine is selling the bed intruder costume for 24.99. "When you knock on that door who is it you say hide your kids hide your wife."

At least it's a bed intruder and not a bedbug.

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