Weather Threatens Central Valley

FRESNO, Calif.

"We've got Christians, we've got Jews, we've got Muslims, we've got Buddhists," said organizer Al Evans.

Most of them brought umbrellas or found other ways to keep dry. "We can do this rain or shine. We've brought in as much as $30,000 one year," Evans said.

All Sunday long overcast conditions threatened to spoil this event in Northwest Fresno.

"It's for the community and if I can show my effort in any way shape or form I will so it didn't bother me too much I have my umbrella," Stephanie Smith said.

Conditions in Merced were not any better. Rain on Friday and Saturday kept people and business away from this fairground race track. Speedway owners did not want to risk harm to drivers so the course was closed Sunday.

The change in weather is also making for cooler temps. Fresno firefighters want to warn residents trying to keep warm to change out smoke detector batteries.

They also warn against improper use of heating devices inside the home.

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