Thomas Elementary offers student valet service

FRESNO, California

Parents never dreamed they'd have curbside service at Thomas Elementary. These hard-working student valets have restored order to the morning chaos by keeping cars moving in the crowded parking lot.

Aaron Gifford: "No one looks angry. Before you saw parents saying let's go, let's go."

Students get a morning greeting as well as an escort to class or the cafeteria.

Vice-Principal, Kathy Mohler said, "It is so much more calm and so much more orderly."

Vice-Principal Kathy Mohler says leadership students are getting a valuable lesson in responsibility while providing a valuable school service.

Mohler adds, "Last year our morning parking lot wasn't always a safe zone."

Which is why some parents have also volunteered.

Autum Cousins said, "We had accidents happening. Parents were just dropping off their kids in the middle of the two lanes, having kids dodging back and forth. It was so dangerous."

Mohler says the calmer start to the day has improved student behavior. "We've seen a drop in our suspension rate."

Other Fresno schools have already contacted Vice-Principal Mohler for tips on how to put the student valet program into place.

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