11-4 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

Mario Santoyo of the Latino Water Coalition thinks the GOP lawmakers will be more willing to advance new legislation designed to bring more water to the area.

Santoyo says he hopes republicans will put more pressure on the Obama administration to relax federal endangered species restrictions that affect pumping in the Delta.

Large-animal veterinarians are hard to find, but there's an effort to train more animal doctors.

Farmers say vets are key to protecting the nation's food supply. The American Veterinary Medical Association, says it found only 2-percent of veterinary school students in 2010 graduating classes plan to work with large, non-pet animals. It says there are roughly 5,500 farm-animal vets, compared to more than 47,000 pet vets.

Small animal vets are usually paid more and don't have to travel as much. Some colleges are offering incentives to increase large-animal vet enrollment.

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