10-28 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

The sheep eat invasive weeds while also fertilizing the fields. Sheep ranchers benefit because their animals gain a new source of feed, and grain growers benefit by gaining a natural source of weed control.

The use of targeted grazing has gained attention and popularity in recent years.

Tight supplies are expected to keep beef prices high for the next few years.

Average retail prices of beef have climbed from $4.18 per pound in July 2009 to $4.44 per pound last July.

Economists say ranchers and feedlots have reduced supplies, largely in response to rising prices of corn and soybeans fed to cattle. They say cattle producers have been hurt by low profits for several years and responded by cutting production.

While U.S. consumption of beef has fallen, exports are up significantly. With prices high, foreign demand has meant stronger profits for producers.

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