Peak interest in mountain jobs

FRESNO, Calif.

China Peak mountain resort, formerly known as Sierra Summit, is looking to fill 300 seasonal jobs.

The prospect of landing decent paying seasonal job can seem slim especially when gazing into a room full of unemployed people with no empty seats in sight.

"Knowing the economy and the recession and everything. I mean the opportunities are real low," said Andre Jones who drove in from Hanford to attend the China Peak mountain resort job fair at the Radisson in downtown Fresno. "I've worked at hotels but I've never done a resort. I've never done anything as far as ski or anything like that."

China Peak was Sierra Summit for the last 28 years.

New owner Tim Cohee said inexperience will not hurt applicants' chances of landing a job. "People can be indoors, they can be outdoors. What overrides the position is frankly the attitude. We're in the service business. We want folks that like to be friendly, like to be nice, like to be helpful."

Many of the job seekers we spoke to live here in the Valley. And because their commute will be so far away, their question for China Peak is 'Are there any lodging opportunities or transportation options?'

"It's hard. If a person was to do it by themselves with that distance. I'm a student right now." Jones said.

"I have some friends who have cabins in shaver. if i'm to take it i could stay the night there and such which would benefit me with the money," said Fresno's Aaron Neal who is also looking for work.

"We have employee housing on site. We house a little over 100 on the property at well below market rate. A lot of folks get together with friends and live in Shaver, Toll House and Prather," Cohee said.

Job seekers said even carpooling is an option if it means they'll be working this winter.

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