Brown and Whitman spend last week campaigning in Calif.

FRESNO, Calif.

Democratic nominee Jerry Brown made two valley stops as part of his final push for support.

Brown's first stop was in the north valley where he attended a Get Out The Vote Rally in front of the Democratic Central Committee Headquarters with other democratic candidates.

Brown told the crowd California has the people and resources to accomplish anything and vowed to bring back jobs and protect public safety.

He also attacked his opponent for a lack of political experience. "Some people, they run for office, they are basically a campaign commercial. They're in the world of ads, but they're not in reality because they haven't been in the job. They haven't been in the steam in the kitchen, where the heat is. I've done that."

Brown also took jabs at Meg Whitman during an appearance in Fresno Saturday afternoon.

He spoke at a meeting of the Fresno County Democratic Women's Club where he said Whitman doesn't really know Fresno, in reference to her infamous quote, comparing Fresno to Detroit.

Brown's opponent, Meg Whitman touted her experience running a business while in southern California Saturday morning.

Whitman spoke to voters at the orange county fairgrounds in Costa Mesa.

She said her time as EBay's CEO means she knows how to create more jobs for California. "You know, I'm a proven job creator. That's what I've done for my entire career. Jerry Brown has been a part of the war on jobs in Sacramento for 40 years, and it's going to end on Tuesday."

Despite a new field poll showing Whitman trailing Brown by ten points-- the former EBay CEO said she considers the race a dead heat.

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