Poll shows Boxer leading Fiorina by 8-points

FRESNO, Calif.

Fiorina was in Fresno, Sunday, rallying supporters. She received a very warm welcome at the Fresno County Republican Headquarters.

But the SurveyUSA poll shows she has lost support, going from 48-percent two-months ago, to 38-percent, Monday.

Fiorina says her opponent, Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer, has done nothing to help bring down California's unemployment rate and says bringing jobs to California will be her priority.

She's campaigning Monday in Pasadena to talk about jobs.

Senator Boxer spent the final weekend before the election in Los Angeles County. The SurveyUSA poll shows the democrat has an 8-point lead on Fiorina with 46-percent of voters saying they'll cast ballots for her.

Today boxer will join Jerry Brown for a "Get-Out-The-Vote" event in Los Angeles.

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