Poll shows Brown has 11-point lead over Whitman

FRESNO, Calif.

Jerry Brown kicked off the final day of his campaign in San Diego meeting with hundreds of supporters at a restaurant. He was in Sacramento, on Sunday. Brown is also visiting Los Angeles and Salinas before ending his campaign with a rally in his hometown of Oakland.

While brown says the lead in the polls is nice, he's not declaring victory. "It looks good. There's a lot of enthusiasm. We've been all around the state. I think people are ready for somebody to go back to the State Capitol who knows where all the bodies are buried."

Brown said if he wins Tuesday, he plans to go back to Sacramento within two weeks to start tackling the state's budget problems.

Brown's opponent, Meg Whitman will also spend the day in Southern California. She is meeting with campaign workers in her field offices.

Whitman will be in Woodland Hills, Costa Mesa, San Diego and Temecula. Sunday Whitman rallied up support in Burbank. She told the crowd she wants to take back California from public employee unions.

Whitman says her campaign's internal polling shows the race is a dead heat going into Election Day.

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