Road improvements could mean headaches for Fresno drivers

FRESNO, Calif.

1. Herndon between Willow and Cedar will be shut down for five days for repaving.
2. NB HWY 99 Herndon/Golden State exit will be shut down for two weeks to finish widening that area.
3. Shaw between Brawley and Golden State will be intermittently shut down for 4 – 6 weeks.
Starting at midnight on Monday, three new projects begin in the city that could frustrate drivers. Just as one construction headache ends three more begin Monday for drivers in Northwest and Northeast Fresno.

"We're gonna benefit from it. Our city is going to really really need it. And we're going to be lucky to have it," Fresno driver Richard Parris said.

The biggest project will occur on Herndon between Willow and Cedar. The road will shut down for five days for repaving.

"If we didn't do it that way then it would take us several weeks to do the same amount of work and once we do that we're also introducing wet weather which would slow down projects even more," said Director Patrick Wiemiller with Fresno Works.

Wiemiller said the city is using the $9 million it received from the federal government. "If we don't use them now we're not going to be able to."

The second project will intermittently shut down lanes on Shaw between Brawley and Golden State for four to six weeks. The roads there will be smoothed out and some lanes will be extended.

"So it will be congested there but you'll still be able to drive through most of the time," Wiemiller said.

After three weeks of improvements to the Herndon/ Golden State intersection the HWY 99 Northbound exit will be shut down for two weeks to finish widening the route through that area.

Action News spoke with business managers in the area off camera who said two more weeks of construction will continue to keep customers away.

Yukon Jacks restaurant owners decided to make improvements during construction.

Several customers figured with the lanes opening back up so would their Sunday breakfast spot.

"After I got out of church we were just gonna eat and they're closed...after fighting all this," Darla Fullhart said.

"I'm glad to see the improvements. You know we all have to deal with the inconveniences," Kelly Stevens said.

The ramp here at Herndon and 99 will close tomorrow morning around 7 a.m.

The city said to plan an alternate routes for all of these projects ahead of time to avoid the congestion giving yourself more time.

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