Exclusive Action News Poll shows some candidates widening lead

FRESNO, California

The last full day of campaigning is the last chance to energize voters. Candidates all emphasized the importance of voter turnout.

A confident Jerry Brown was surrounded by supporters in Old Town San Diego on Monday. The 72-year old Brown told them this was the eve of a new day in California. Brown said, "We don't know what's going on in the rest of the country but after this election tomorrow, when we win, we're gonna make the sun rise in the west and move over to the east."

Our exclusive Action News poll conducted by Survey USA showed Brown with a 48-37 percent edge over Meg Whitman. But speaking in southern California, Whitman said there will be some surprised folks when the ballots are tallied.

Whitman told volunteers, "You have made an enormous difference because how are elections won? They are won by people filling out their absentee ballots for you and going to the polls and we have a huge number of volunteers."

Republican Carly Fiorina campaigned in Elk Grove outside Sacramento. She too faces an uphill battle in the US Senate race against Barbara Boxer.

The exclusive Action News poll shows Boxer with a 46-38 percent lead. Fiorina has lost ten points in the last two months but remains upbeat about her chances.

Fiorina said, "We can't make things better, we can't make things right by just doing the same thing over and over again and that's why we're gonna win tomorrow night."

Boxer joined Jerry Brown in Los Angeles for a "Get out the vote" rally. Boxer knows it still comes down to getting people to the polls. Boxer said, "So I am asking you in these last 32 hours to do what you can to make those phone calls, to write in your Facebook, to tweet and twitter as you do so well."

Many people have already cast their ballots. Soon the campaign rhetoric will be replaced by results. Polls open at 7am on Tuesday.

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