Last minute push for candidates and their supporters

FRESNO, California

Volunteers spent the night working the phones at Fresno County's GOP headquarters calling members of the Republican base. While the GOP hopes to ride a wave of nationwide momentum, their work isn't over yet. "Our job is to make sure we are able to capitalize on that increased interest and concern and turn out our Republican voter base," said Cliff Wagner, the assistant coordinator of the Fresno County GOP's "Get Out the Vote" efforts.

State senate candidate Tim Thiesen was among the callers. "There's a lot of excitement. People are excited about my candidacy. People are excited about the Republican ticket in general," said Thiesen.

Thiesen is running against Michael Rubio for the District 16 Senate seat. Monday evening, Rubio's supporters teamed up with Congressman Jim Costa's reelection campaign and Henry T. Perea's assembly campaign for a push to get voters to the polls. "We're excited about it. We've got 500 people showing up tomorrow to knock on doors. We think we've got all our precincts covered and we think people were responded to us. We've been walking for the last week. We're pretty content with how things are going," said Costa supporter Larry Sheingold.

Meanwhile, members of Communities for a New California hit the streets, using every bit of daylight to stump for Jerry Brown and Fresno City Council candidate Oliver Baines. They also wanted to make sure voters go to the right place Tuesday, after the closure of 200 polling sites in Fresno County due to budget cuts.

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