CSU students could see another tuition increase

FRESNO, California

Students could be hit with a 5% tuition increase this Spring. For the 20-11, 20-12 year 10%. Students we spoke with said they are tired of tuition constantly increasing.

Brenna Jacobs is a full time student at Fresno State. With the help of her parents and a job at a local restaurant she is able to pay for her classes. However, next semester tuition costs could increase 5% or an extra $105.

Jacobs: "My parents have three other kids. Two of them are still in high school so soon they'll be graduating and to have three different tuitions that are going to continue rising. It's hard."

The California State University Chancellor's office said tuition must be increased to off-set larger enrollment, higher demand for more classes and state budget gaps.

"We cannot wait on a highly uncertain and drawn out state budget process in order to know whether or not we're going to have the resources to serve all the students," said C.S.U. assistant vice chancellor of budget Robert Turnage.

The proposal also includes a 10% hike, which amounts to an additional $444 for the 20-11, 20-12 academic year.

"These increases are necessary in order to serve the number of students who want to come," said Fresno State president Dr. John Welty.

Welty added future tuition hikes are a possibility. "Hopefully we're nearing an end but it's difficult to predict given the situation, the fiscal situation with the state."

"All this hard work and now I'm gonna have to continue to work over the Winter instead of taking a break from school," said Junior Yesenia Carrillo.

Carrillo has seen her tuition and others increase more than 38% in the last year and a half. 33% during the 20-09, 20-10 year and 5% this semester. This is one of the reasons she is active in student government.

Carrillo: "Just seeing what they can actually do. And there's not much except planning and working hard and seeing what other scholarships are available, what additional funding we can get out of anywhere."

Students will know November 10th if the proposed increase will happen. There is a glimmer of hope ... The chancellors office said if state leaders agree to increase C.S.U. funding, that could eliminate next year's tuition hike. The Chancellor's office is also proposing changing the term "fee" to "tuition". The "fee" label has caused problems with federal financial assistance programs specifically for veterans. The 20-09 G.I. Bill only reimburses veterans who pay "tuition." This terminology proposal will not impact student's bills.

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