Fiorina and Boxer await election results

FRESNO, Calif.

Preparations are still underway for what Senator Barbara Boxer and her supporters are hoping will be a victory celebration tonight.

We have not seen senator boxer today, we have been told she is traveling. That included a stop in Oakland this morning where she met with voters at the Oakland Grill.

There she thanked her supporters and also referenced her lead in recent polls asking people to go vote and give change a chance.

Here in Hollywood people are also keeping a very close eye on the other races nationwide.

The two candidates have spent more than $30 million and an additional 11.8 million from political and special interest groups.

In recent days Boxers campaign has been attacking Fiorina's time at HP calling attention to the thousands of jobs that were outsourced during the tenure.

Fiorina started the day voting at a polling place near her home in Los Altos. Fiorina has visited the Central Valley nearly 30 times during this campaign.

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