Fresno prepares for the wet weather

FRESNO, Calif.

After an unseasonably warm past few weeks, people are now preparing for rain on the valley floor and snow in the high sierras.

Storm Warn 30 shows rain will continue throughout the night and the mountains will get between one and two feet of fresh snow.

"I just know, it's supposed to be raining, I didn't know there was a storm coming," Robert Gillam said.

"But, now you're prepared."

"Now, I'm prepared."

Gillam of Fresno bought new wiper blades from an Auto Zone in northeast Fresno Sunday. Auto part stores all over the valley stayed busy selling weather related products.

"My windshield blade was coming apart and it's raining, so I figured I might as well have it fixed," Julie Mogg said.

Employees at Fresno Ag Hardware kept their shelves stocked with tarps and other weatherization necessities. This is the time of year business starts picking up.

"We do get a lot of traffic when the weather changes like that and yeah, recently this last week, we've been selling a lot of tarps and things like that to get ready for the rain," Adam Klusener said.

While many people were ready for the weather change, the rain managed to catch others off guard.

Take this family, for example, who paid to get their car cleaned at the Red Carpet Car Wash in Clovis. "It was really dirty and we needed it really badly," Janette Valdez said.

"So even though it's raining you still came out here?"

"Yeah. We didn't know it was going to rain."

Red Carpet Car Wash on Shaw and Willow says they stay open rain or shine and that they do offer rain insurance.

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