Holiday air travel costs on the rise

FRESNO, California

The lines at Fresno-Yosemite International are non-existent now. But that will soon change with the holidays drawing near. Some travel plans will be much more hectic than others. Don Bratcher of Fresno said, "I'm going to St. Louis, Missouri for Thanksgiving and Sao Paulo, Brazil for Christmas."

If you're waiting for a last-minute deal to fly somewhere to visit family and friends during the holidays you may be out of luck. Craig Mungary of Cruise Adventures in north Fresno also books flights. He said, "It's really slim pickings for what's left."

Mungary said air fares are up at least 20-percent from this time last year. He explained, "This year we see a little less supply so there's not as many flights out there and that's equated to a little higher price."

Mungary added some travelers may still be able to find decent ticket prices but it becomes less likely the longer they wait. "Anytime they get within 21 days of departure its going to be very difficult. Obviously we've passed that for Thanksgiving but we have a little time for Christmas and New Year's."

Las Vegas has become a popular holiday destination but Mungary says flights which normally cost under-200 bucks are now about 350-dollars.

He adds FYI's loss of Mexicana Airlines will further inconvenience travelers during the holidays.

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