What and where people plan to spend

FRESNO, Calif.

Most people say they're planning to spend the same or less this holiday season, according to a just-released consumer reports poll. But most young adults - those 18 to 34 - plan to spend more. And consumer reports finds even those who are cutting back aren't cutting back everywhere.

"We found that shoppers are going to be spending less on travel and entertaining and gifts for themselves. However they're going to be spending more on charitable giving and gifts for others," Tod Marks said.

Clothing is the most popular gift item ... With 68 percent of those polled saying they've got it on their holiday shopping list.

"I like to give presents and see people be happy with things that they really enjoy getting," Heidi said.

Electronics are also expected to be hot this year, especially video games. 39 percent said they plan to give a game.

If you're hoping to get an e-book reader, you might be in luck. One in ten plan to give one this year. And it turns out gift cards will be just as popular as electronics.

"62 percent of Americans surveyed told us they plan to give a gift card this holiday season. Now that's substantially higher than the percentage that told us they were going to give a gift card last year. But be warned. Roughly one in four people who got a gift card last year have yet to spend it," Marks said.

As for pets, many can count on getting a little something. 26 percent of those polled say they plan to give their furry friends a gift.

Consumer Reports' survey also finds that people are more value-conscious this year - 42 percent say getting the best prices on gifts is critical. Especially since more than 13 million Americans have debt from last year's holiday shopping.

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