California Files Lawsuit against Brazilian Blowout

FRESNO, Calif.

The controversy has some salons providing stylists and customers with gas masks as a precaution.

Critics say the product has its dangers. But some hairstylists say they have no problem using "The Brazilian Blowout" on their clients.

"There are bleaches that we use ,the bleaches are a lot more harmful, the things that go on the scalp, the things that have to be processes those are to me being sensitive I feel are a lot more irritation with color than with this," Hair Colorist Christine Chavez said.

"Acute symptoms can include irritation, nose bleed, headache but more chronic exposure can lead to cancer. it is a known human carcinogen," Rebecca Sutton said.

The CEO of the company that makes "The Brazilian Blowout" says its product is safe to use.

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