11-16 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

Ag officials say they're "cautiously optimistic" that a major grapevine moth infestation in the Napa Valley is under control.

The pest was first identified in Napa late last year where it destroyed the wine grape crop in at least one vineyard. Since then, grape growers have been actively fighting the pest.

Last season 100,000 first-generation moths were trapped in Napa; 1,000 moths from the second generation were caught and just 250 from the third. Ag officials think the moth found its way to Napa on plant material or machinery imported from Chile.

Western Farm Press reports, growers have found going "wireless" can help produce better crops, bring in more money and land a superior product in stores for consumers.

Texas Agri-Life research scientists say wireless agriculture is benefiting rice and cotton studies. Wireless sensing can monitor field conditions, like temperature and soil moisture.

Scientists say as more wireless networks become commercially available, they will eventually help farmers make crop management decisions.

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