Praying for work in the Central Valley

FRESNO, Calif.

Some believe a strong faith and a polished resume can lead to a new job.

Saturday's workshop is open to the public. It is the first in a series of quarterly workshops encouraging networking and prayer to land a good job.

Jesse Rodriguez has an extremely positive outlook despite losing his job with the Fresno Public Works Department four months ago.

Rodriguez: "Because of the budget cuts they had to terminate so many people. That's why this is truly a blessing what they're going to be doing here."

Friday afternoon Rodriguez met with church leaders hosting an employment and career workshop Saturday morning at St. Joseph Missionary Baptist church in Southwest Fresno.

Organizer Carlotta Curti said the group is turning to faith to better understand the tough economy.

Curti: "There's god's economy and the world's economy. And it's the world's economy that the rugs been pulled out from under not god's economy. So let's get back in tune with God's word and his economy and where he's taking us."

The seminar is three hours long. Participants will learn about interviewing techniques as well as writing a clear and concise resume. The workshop also provides a chance for people to network.

Curti: "We're to share our resources be it monetary or leads for jobs."

Rodriguez: "It's usually word of mouth. I find out there's a job opening for you and I know someone who knows somebody, they tell you and you send your resume in."

"Any type of networking they can give their congregants is a really really good thing," said Blake Konczal.

Konczal is the executive director of the Fresno Regional Workforce Investment board. So far this year 24,000 people have passed through the doors at their Manchester Center office looking for work.

Konczal: "It's highly competitive right now. I think the most important thing somebody can do is to know themselves. To know what their skill set is and what is marketable."

Organizers are anticipating 50 to 75 people will be attending Saturday's workshop.

Check-in begins at 8:45 a.m. and the event ends at noon. St. Joseph Missionary Baptist is playing host ... they are located at 1036 Martin Ave. You can call 304-4680 for more information.

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