Man killed by Fresno County Sheriff's Deputy had violent history

FRESNO, Calif.

The six-hour standoff in the Selma area ended late Thursday night. Investigators say Robert Hatfield leveled a shotgun at one of the SWAT officers, and then a deputy shot and killed him.

Sheriff's investigators are still piecing together what went down Thursday night. But they already wrapped up an investigation into another violent incident involving Hatfield.

Bobby Hatfield left behind a trail of terror and a lot of evidence of the last rampage of his life.

After his stepfather put an eviction notice on his trailer in the backyard, Hatfield grabbed a baseball bat and bashed the windows on just about everything in sight.

"Well, I actually came out with a gun," said Craig Davidson. "I was going to stop him when he headed over here and just as I hit the sidewalk there, the sheriff pulled in."

Six hours later, Hatfield was dead -- shot by a sheriff's deputy when investigators say he pointed his gun at a SWAT officer.

Davidson says he had to get rid of his stepson because of a drug problem.

The first sign of trouble came two months ago, when Hatfield attacked Nicole McNeil, who considered him a brother.

The attack left her bruised, battered, and believing the worst was yet to come. McNeil said, "I thought he was really serious that he would kill me."

McNeil says Hatfield got mad when he asked for a piece of thread and she didn't have anything to give him. She feels like it all went downhill from there.

"I still right now blame myself even because if I'd given him a thread or a string, in my mind, it might not have ever happened," McNeil said.

Family members say Hatfield has always had a temper, but drugs made it worse. They also say he's been suicidal for years.

"I think he got what he wanted. I really do," said Davidson.

Coroners say Hatfield died of a gunshot wound to the chest. They're testing his system for drugs, but they won't have results for at least a week.

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