Networking Faith in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

However, a story on Action News Live at Five on Friday helped one laid off man in the group find work.

"This is the opportunity to make that commitment to God, commitment to family and commitment to your future job," said Les Thiessen at a podium Saturday.

Organizers of this career and employment workshop used powerful testimonials from Central Valley residents who were unemployed but recently found stable jobs.

"I can feel my voice. This is very emotional for me. I appreciate that. Cause we've all been there haven't we?" Fresno's Michele Sykes said.

About 50 out of work people headed to St. Joseph Missionary Baptist Church in Southwest Fresno Saturday morning. Most attended to brush up on the basics of job hunting.

"I'm going to be talking to you about the application resume worksheet. You got some really good information," Thiessen told his class.

"As you eliminate people in your life God will put people in there. The one's you need," said Fresno's Rick Pellum who shared his experiences to encourage the group.

"The consequences of me having a felony I have to live with that. So there are some things… so if you don't get a job because of a felony, don't let that be an excuse," Pellum said.

The success of this employment workshop will be gauged on whether or not it helps people find work later on. However organizers say look to Jesse Rodriguez. We interviewed him on Friday about this workshop. After that story aired, a few hours later he received a phone call from an old boss.

"He saw me on TV. The exposure was great and he offered me a job, it's short term but it's still work and right now everything is a blessing to me," Rodriguez said.

One-on-one counseling sessions were also available.

"This has been very encouraging. Definitely will stay with them. I'll get on their website and the training has been good," Barbara Ingram of Fresno said.

Organizers said faith based workshops like this one will lead to positive results. Based on Saturday's event coordinators plan to host another one in March.

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