Sierra Vista Mall employment opportunities

FRESNO, Clovis

Holiday wreaths and long strands of garland decorate the rafters welcoming shoppers to join in the spirit of the season. Retailers at Sierra Vista hope part of that spirit will mean dropping some green as they move from store to store.

Susan Johnson, Sears Store Manager said, "Our buyers have really bought a lot of product to ramp up for our customers, layaway is going really well for us -- customers can buy now and pay off over time, so it's been very successful."

Johnson says they've already filled dozens of seasonal jobs ... but they're anticipating the need for more help.

Johnson said, "We are hiring in commission sales ... our appliance department ... we're still looking for four permanent positions there ... as well as a couple of others throughout the store."

Retailers at Sierra Vista say the addition of Kohl's as an anchor store at the mall will help sales for everybody. New York and Company is just one of more than a dozen stores still hiring for the holidays and most of the part time positions require no experience. There is one catch ... as Gary Starkey discovered.

Starkey said, "No one's giving me a chance."

Gary Starkey is just three weeks shy of his 18th birthday. He's applied for work all over the mall ... but most of the openings are for those 18 and over. Starkey says he's desperate for a job. He said, "What are you willing to do? Anything ... anything I can get my hands on ... I just need to get my foot in the door and get a job."

Starkey and his girlfriend Korrine Sosa are expecting a baby girl in January. Starkey hopes he lands a job before then.

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