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FRESNO, Calif.

The predictions are as frequent today as they've always been. So why is it, the human spirit desires to know its end?

Followers of the Mayan calendar believe the world as we know it will end in 2012. What exactly will happen on that day, no one knows.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam also teach the world will someday come to an end, in some cases a violent and cataclysmic end.

Christians point to the bible as their predictor of the "end times" ... according to the book of revelation their savior, Jesus Christ, will return to earth on Judgment Day. He will take his followers with him to heaven, in what is called 'the rapture." And then at god's appointed time the earth will be destroyed, in what is called "Armageddon."

In April of 2009 Pastor Will Stoll of Fresno's Northwest Church announced to the congregation that he believed Judgment Day would come before he was buried in the ground. He said, "Jesus wants you and me to know he's coming back soon."

Will Stoll said, "I'm looking for his return. That means if I don't get hit by a car on the way out of here, or a truck or something big, I think so ... based on the bible says that Jesus is coming back soon and the signs of the times are all around us."

Billboards around Fresno this fall advertised a seminar called "Decoding the Signs" asking drivers "what does your future hold."

The Clovis Adventist Church taught nightly seminars about signs of the end of the world

This Christian radio host from Oakland says he knows the exact date of Jesus' return.

Harold Camping said, "I'm so sure of it, I'm sticking my neck out every night."

Harold Camping is 89-years-old, five nights a week he hosts a live broadcast on family radio. It's heard all over the country, and is re-broadcast on television. His words are translated into 56 languages worldwide.

Camping bases his "end times prediction" on 70 years of biblical study. He has developed a mathematical system to interpret prophecies hidden in the bible.

A few years ago, the UC Berkley trained engineer crunched the numbers and calculated the world would end May 21st 2011. He says those who believe in Jesus Christ will be raptured then, those left behind will face complete devastation.

Camping said, "There's going to be a great earthquake such has never been. It'll be so great that all the tombs everywhere in the world are going to be thrown open. That's going to require a granddaddy earthquake."

It's not is not his first end of times prediction. Harold camping also predicted Judgement Day would come September 6th 1994. But he swears this time he's right. And just to prepare, he's sending out RVs like this months ahead of time to get the word out.

Not all of Camping's 125 employees at family radio believe his prediction, but most do.

Rosa Moreno, a long time Camping employee, said, "Oh yeah, I'm sure it sounds outrageous to most people. But I believe there is going to be an end of the world and I believe that the bible is teaching us that we are at that time."

Tim Geddart teachers the New Testament at Fresno Pacific University and is a student of Biblical Prophecy.

Geddart said, "So far, everybody who's guessed a date has been wrong, so I don't give that much credence to those who say May 2011 or December 2012."

Geddart says the interest in the end of the world stems from human hope. "I think there's a genuine longing for a better world."

Harold Camping believes there is a better world and he believes he will be there next May 21.

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