Familiar face set to lead sunbirds

Fresno, CA

"I was fortunate enough to work for Jim for three years, and so a lot of things in our program will stay the same," said Coach Wright. "Now that I'm in charge I'll have a little bit of my own stamp on it. But no major differences."

Unless of course you count the 10 players lost from last year's nationally ranked team. The Sunbirds return only 5.3 points per game, all coming from Sanger high graduate Jordan Wild. But the senior isn't worried about a disconnect in the coaching ranks.

"For the most part it's been an easy transition with him being the new coach from being an assistant," said Wild. "Because he's known where the program has been and where the program has come to now. So with having the ten new guys it's been more those guys getting on board with what we have here and what we have going on."

That's where Coach Wright comes in. He is keeping the general offense the same, and wants to step things up on the defensive side of the ball. But all in all, Wright says once the team has gelled chemistry-wise, wins should come in bunches.

"The last couple years we've been able to establish ourselves as a top-10 national NAIA program,' Wright said. "So just to continue to keep that bar high and to keep the program where it is -- it's a great challenge."

"Coach Wright has proven himself time in and time out again," Wild said. "So we have all the trust in the world in him and what he's doing here and what we've got going on right now."

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